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AnimeTL picks up Hayate Cuties, TariTari, Papakiki & Oreimo Bluray.

Yo guyz,
We are planning on picking up the Hayate no Gotoku: Cuties Bluray since everyone else sucks.
Consider this our second project after TariTari together with Broken-Subs.

We will re-release a TariTari batch. I think about still doing the BD, so don't worry about it, I guess.
If there are any questions, ask them @ Rizon in #AnimeTL and talk to the ops.

Thanks to Asuna for allowing me to put AnimeTL at AniWana.
Our old host sucked with Wordpress because it used too much CPU (Wut?).

Let's pick up Papakiki, TariTari and Oreimo BDs too, because why not...
If anyone wants to help me, you can contact me @ IRC. Not that I actually need your help anyways...
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